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123, 567 Reasons To Start Salsa Dancing Right Now

October 15, 2019

Okay, there’s actually 8 reasons (see below) but the 4 and 8 counts are silent in salsa dancing...so you don’t voice them outloud. See, you’re learning already. ;)


Whether you are a Dancing With The Stars pro or have two left feet, it’s time you get out your heels and spice up your night with a little salsa fiesta. 




The Salsa Community Is Strong People who like the same thing usually conglomerate at social gatherings, but if you start salsa dancing, be ready to be a part of a life-long group who will enthusiastically invite you to every congresso, dance social, salsa night at your local bar, cousin’s BBQ, you get the idea. No matter how advanced of a dancer you are, in this group you’ll always find a partner that will teach you new spins and tricks along the way. Plus, the guys always ask you to dance with them, not just assume they can come up and start dancing on you. Respect is where it’s at. 


New Music For Your Library Romeo Santos, Leslie Grace, Prince Royce, Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, Tito Puente: if you don’t have at least 2 of these artists on your playlist, you are seriously missing out of some hot beats. There’s a reason why salsa parties last for hours. I mean could you dance the night away if the music did not make you move?


You’ll Surprise Yourself We grow fearless by walking into our fears. Taking on new projects or activities can be daunting and uncomfortable at first. Our minds like to form self-doubt clouds while thinking, “there’s no way you can do that!” Bring on the sunshine because you’ll find with a little practice, yes you can!


Silently Get Fit Salsa dancing is some killer cardio. When you add a few extra hours a week from your classes, social dancing, and practice, after a few weeks the results will show. What better way to workout than while dancing the night away with your friends. 


Time To Travel Get ready to explore new places. Remember the new community you’re a part of? Well they will start inviting you to cool new dance venues they know of in your city and nearby counties. Then, before you know it, you’ll get asked if you want to go to an exciting salsa congress in Miami, and hey you may even be performing in it! The salsa community expands nationally and internationally and each city has fantastic events filled with workshops, performances, and competitions. Time to pack your bags -- and don’t forget a few pairs of dance shoes. 


You’ll Start Taking Risks In Other Parts Of Your Life Dancing, or as I like to call it, telling a story with your body, is thrilling. You’ll feel like a movie star of your own life and your confidence will soar. This confidence will filter into other big decisions in your life. Thinking it’s about time your boss gives you that promotion? Stuck in a dead end relationship? Want to move out of your studio apartment and into your dream home? Take that risk sis.


Accomplish Something How many times do we start something but never finish? Even if you make it through one class, think of the things you’ll learn: salsa counts, how to move to music, balance, and connecting with new people. It’s good to feel like all your hard work is moving you forward so it’s okay to recognize your achievements and be proud. Be your own cheerleader. Dale


Silently Be Happier The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy. Think about all you’ll go through in steps 1-7 and ask yourself, how can you not be just a tad bit happier? With your endorphins pumping from the cardio and the significant changes in your physical, mental, and social life, you’ll be feeling like the best version of yourself. Let yourself shine.

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