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Why You Should Run To See Sell/Buy/Date

March 27, 2018


Hi guys! So a friend of mine who is a producer recommended this show,  Sell/Buy/Date.You can check out tickets and more information here:




First, Sarah Jones is such a talented, incredible actress. She magically transforms in and out of about 30 characters. The show was about 85 minutes, but she is so entertaining, I'd watch her for an additional 90 minutes. And when I say she embodies the characters, I mean physically, emotionally, vocally, EVERYTHING. For any actor, this is an amazing study. 


The show is also packed with female empowerment (yay!) but not in an in-your-face way but created with an inventive, fresh take on modern society. While the focus is primarly based on gender and feminism, it also touches on racism, technology, and other important issues.


Also, let me remind you this is a One-Woman-Show. This is incredibly difficult to do well. This was beyond any other solo shows I have seen.


As I was waiting for the show to start, the woman next to me shared that her friend saw it the weekend before and said it was one of the best shows she had ever seen. I don't think she was lying! I would urge you to find out for yourself. :)


PS: The Geffen is doing special rush tickets for $20. No excuses, go see it! 



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